Apart from being one of the leading website designing firm in Mulund, Mumbai, Graphic Impressions is also one of the oldest players in India venturing in the field of multimedia. Our multimedia presentations feature extensive animation with flash.

Over the past we have well-executed an array of highly engaging user experiences - featuring rich media, audio, animations with flash and video.

Apart from initial conceptualization and storyboarding, our expertise extends to the best interface design, flash actionscripting (version 2 & 3), usability planning & Audio-Video integration to give you the best digital experience.

Due to the potential avenues like interactivity, freedom from technical restrictions which medias like web or print faces, Multimedia Presentations are used extensively for various marketing purposes.

Multimedia Flash Presentation:
Well designed Flash based animations have potential to enhance a otherwise static content. At Graphic Impressions, our animatiors really add to the user experience, making it richer and more compelling for the viewers.

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