Flash presentations have virtually transformed the way to communicate with your target audience and convince them to buy your products. and services. A Flash CD presentation with an inbuilt product catalog enables your prospective clients to watch an animated presentation about your products or services. This is much more convenient and cost effective as compared to live product demonstrations. These Flash demos are well delivered since the Flash animation technology allows you to effectively present the aspects of product that are otherwise difficult to communicate. For example a cross section of a complex machine equipment can be animated to show how it works exactly in CD presentation as product info..

At Graphic Impressions, a leading multimedia companies in Mumbai India we assist our customers with a well designed and developed e-Catalog that can act as a comprehensive digital brochure, listing virtually unlimited number of products with professional product photos, 2d animation or 3d animation, voice-over in different languages, video demonstrations, technical specification, purchase details and corporate profile.

A Flash DVD or CD product catalog has an additional advantage over print based brochures, as amount of product information, updation time and cost. e-Catalogues can reduce the cost of expesive print based brochures and can have large number of products. It offers enormous benefits for communicating with customers via a well designed Flash sales presentations.

Flash sales presentation incorporates product information in detail, which can be optionally viewed by the user. Products of company can be segregated in different categories for easy identifcation. Contact details can be given on the CD in an interactive fashion. email ids can be clicked to start default email client to send an email.

This product e-catalog can be distributed via CD or DVD, or it can be made available as online e cataloge.

e catalog Samples

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