e-wedding designer

We will soon be launching a product that will help couples on the threshold of marriage to have a personal wedding website to announce their big day! The wedding website is a unique way to preserve your wedding memories forever. Marriage is arguably the most important event in ones life and we want to help cherish its memories forever.

This website will have a host of features including photo albums, wedding invitation, guestbook, a map of the venue, etc.

What's more...the couple can choose among a huge variety of skins for the wedding website, to suit their personal style and taste.

Key Highlights:
* Pre-order technical consultation – FREE of cost
* Choice of personal website name (subject to availability) e.g. www.rahulwedsanita.com
* Choice of myriad number of unique website designs – custom created for Indian Weddings
* Option of changing the site design even after the site is made live
* Choice of Flash based animated Invitation Cards
* Online wedding album
* Online Guestbook – to allow visitors to write their comments

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