e-learning - WBT

e-learning - WBT

Whether you are a leading corporate player looking for efficient training solutions for staff or a small / middle sized company seeking cost-effective method for process training, we can take care of it with our state-of-art eLearning solutions.

Graphic Impressions' domain knowledge and skilled resources form a suitable base for developing eLearning solutions that are innovative and custom made for your organization. These are some of the areas in which we can help you achieve your e-training goals.

* Product Training and Assessment
Having a successful product or service in place, it's absolutely important for the personnel to have through knowledge of the same. Graphic Impressions can create a completely custom-made eLearning Solution to facilitate this. An interactive assessment in the middle or at the end can help users test their knowledge.

* Learning Management System (LMS) compatible courseware development
We can undertake the complete courseware development based on the raw material supplied by you. We have past experience in designing an AICC or SCORM compliant courseware that is compatible with LMS (Learning Management System) on your company intranet. Leveraging our expertise in interface design and usability techniques we can creatively use a mix of media like text, pictures, simulations, audio and video to bring life to learning material.

Following are some more potential areas our eLearning solutions can be applied to.

  • * Software Training
  • * Online workshops
  • * Leadership & Motivational Training
  • * Simulations

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